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There is no better joy in the world than to have a dog around. It’s the best companionship a person can ever have. Here are some reasons to choose to adopt a stray dog today.

What can be better than providing shelter to a homeless? You’re saving a life and filling in a big void in yours. It is something you’d be proud of for the rest of your life.

You set an example for everyone, not just the dog lovers. You’re helping remove the stigma attached to a dog being a ‘stray’. This is the change we need. And if you have kids in your house, there is no better way to bring them up than giving them the company of a dog!

In a perfect world, every dog would have a home and every home would have a dog. Dogs may not live as long as us, but they make moments that last for a lifetime, and even beyond. Nobody can fulfil your life better than a dog.

When you were a kid, they followed you wherever you went. When you cycled, they ran behind. They waited all day for you to come back from work just to get those loving pats from you.

Dogs are not objects that you buy for your entertainment, they are friends you make. Money can buy a dog but not the wag of its tail. Adopt a stray that actually needs shelter and it would love you like no one else in the world.

It doesn’t matter how dogs look. It’s the heart that counts not the fur. If you’ve ever loved a dog, you’d know how insensitive it is to objectify them into status symbols. A stray dog would love you as much as a fancy Husky or a St. Bernard would, probably even more.

Strays have been living in the harshest weather conditions since forever. Not only are they stronger than most bred pups, they’re much more immune to contracting diseases than those ‘so called’ handsome breeds you see on the internet. They’re out on the roads, with no certainty of the next moment. A car may run over them and nobody would know. How can you sleep peacefully inside your air conditioned houses knowing there are hungry, homeless strays outside, seeking for shelter?

By choosing to adopt a homeless dog, you’re taking a stand against cruelty to animals by money-minting breeders. It is time for you to step up and put a stop to overpopulation of dogs.

We all have that one neighbourhood dog lover who takes care of all the dogs in the locality. But, there is only so much they can do. Share the responsibility, for there are many who’d say they wish they could help but only a few who would actually do something about it. Street dogs are not a nuisance. They belong to the locality much more than you do. You’ve been building upon what was their natural habitat, rendering them homeless. You owe it to them.

All said and done, it is important to understand how much of a responsibility adopting a dog is. While you may feel the impulse of getting one home right away, you must know that’s it is not just a decision, it is a commitment. Don’t think of them as anything less than your own kids. A dog attaches itself to the family more than you can ever imagine. Whatever it is, don’t even think of abandoning your pet, ever! It is the worst you could do.